tirsdag den 29. september 2015


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I don't need coffee to wake up in the morning.
Sometimes I don't have a cup of coffee for days, and other times I drink more than one cup a day.
I'm glad it's that way. I like coffee, but I don't want to be in need of coffee.

For me coffee provides a pick me up, a moment to energize, but coffee is also a social thing for me.
I like sharing a cup of coffee with somebody I care for. I have walked countless steps with friends drinking coffee and plotting on how to take over the world.

Oh and I drink my with milk. Not too much, but I'm not old enough to drink it black. I don't think I'll ever learn to appreciate black coffee, and that's fine by me.

How do you like your coffee?
I hope you get a good cup of coffee today – maybe even a free cup of coffee somewhere.
Perhaps, you want to know that The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf hands out iced coffee at 1/2 price today, and Dunkin Donuts give out a free coffee.
And I'm sure a lot of coffee shops have special offers today, so
what are you waiting for.... go grab a cup and share it with a good friend or loved one!

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