lørdag den 8. august 2015


Unique LA Summer Market 2015

O M G !

I have just discovered this thing called the UNIQUE LA SUMMER MARKET.
It's a market with over 350 vendors selling US-made crafts and goods.
You can get everything here from what looks like delicious treats, coffee, hand crafted jewellery, home decor, clothing (both men & women), accessories for your pet, children clothing etc.

Check out the link to find out why I'm so excited right now.

If you know about it and have been there please let me know what you think about it and leave a comment :0)

This LA market resembles what we in DK call "Finders' Keepers" which is also a huge market where you can buy Danish handcrafted design, ceramics, jewellery, clothes while getting a snack to persevere more shopping.

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